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RadioSterni#45 - Special Breakcore (dt)

Tuesday July 30, 8pm

par Radio Sterni (30/07/2013)

Hello !

Eine Sendung auf Englisch, eine Newsletter in Englisch ! Morgen gibts eine Sendung über Breakcore... Breakwas ?

short version

WHAT : Radio Sterni #45
WHEN : Tuesday, 30th of july, at 20:00 Berlin time
TOPIC : Breakcore music
WHERE : or (or

long version

Tuesday July 30, 8pm Berlin Time, we will live-stream a breakcore special. This transmission will be in English. Directly from Praxis headquarters with Christoph Fringeli, Sansculotte, Electric Kettle, Zombieflesheater and more t.b.c. [1] with the Radio Sterni crew and ... a crate of Sterni, no doubt.

This will be a combination of presenting new and old tracks, interviews and rants - presenting the history, meaning and speculating about the future of the anti-genre which since the 90’s has radicalized and critiqued electronic dance music.

(or for the direct stream, or directly on our website [2]

Your radio Sterni waits for you on Tuesday, 20:00 !



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